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January 10, 2020

Meet Our Doctors 

Each of our doctors shares the same passion for providing professional, compassionate care. Dr. Ramanlal, the new owner of Franklin Dental Arts, is just the person to carry on the mission Dr. Morris had in mind when he started his practice, which is to offer esthetic, ethical, and holistic dental treatment to all patients, regardless of their needs. Since taking over, Dr. Ramanlal has brought in an oral surgeon specialist and expanded the treatment options offered by Franklin Dental Arts. 

Excellent Care, Compassionate People

A hallmark of the Franklin Dental Arts is the combination of highly professional, detailed dental procedures and warm, compassionate care. The members of our team love what they do, and they always make time to answer questions and get to know the patients that come through the Franklin Dental Arts office.

Everything You Need, All in One Place

Our commitment to oral health means that we believe in doing our best work, no matter what treatment we’re providing. Whether you’re looking for a routine cleaning, dental implants, or even Botox therapy, our team of experienced hygienists and specialists is prepared to offer you the highest quality of care in Franklin. 

Get in Touch Today!

Whatever your needs are, the Franklin Dental Arts team is here to take your smile to the next level. Give us a call or request an appointment online to begin your journey to a healthier smile and a happier life.

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