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Anterior Reconstruction

This patient had experienced excessive wear and tooth erosion, but we were able to restore their smile and their confidence with full coverage ceramic crowns.
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ICON white spot treatment


After orthodontic treatment, this patient experienced decalcification resulting in white spots all over their teeth. We corrected these with non-invasive ICON treatment.

Composite Bonding


This patient had previously received composite bonding, but it was failing. We removed the old material and replaced it with fresh composite to improve the aesthetics of their smile.



This patient came to us with failing composite bonding and recurrent decay. With just four veneers, we were able to restore this patient's confidence in their smile!

ICON white spot treatment


This is another example of the radical effects non-invasive ICON white spot treatment can have. No more white spots!



This patient came to us with broken teeth due to decay and failed bonding. We gave them their smile back with the conservative restorative treatment of four veneers.

Full Arch Restoration

This patient came to us with multiple areas of broken teeth and recurrent decay. We restored their smile with a combination of root canal therapy, dental implants, and ceramic crowns.

Full mouth reconstruction


Excessive wear and decay caused this patient to lose their VDO (vertical dimension of occlusion), which made it difficult for them to eat or smile with confidence. With full coverage ceramic crowns, dental implants, and implant crowns, we were able to give this patient their smile, and their life, back.

Ceramic Crown

This patient had an unsightly metal crown with recurrent decay and a metal post. We provided a new, all ceramic crown for a more natural look.

Composite bonding


This patient had a broken and failing anterior restoration. We replaced their old restoration with fresh composite bonding for beautiful, natural-looking results.

Composite Bonding


This patient's previous restoration was broken and failing. We replaced their anterior bonding with fresh composite for a more uniform look.

Dental Implant


We replaced this patient's missing tooth with a dental implant, and completed the transformation with a dental crown. Their new tooth functions as good as it looks!

Internal Bleaching


After root canal therapy, this patient experienced discoloration on an anterior tooth. With our non-invasive internal bleaching technique, we were able to even out the shade of their smile.

Dental Bridge


We replaced this patient's broken long-spanning bridge with a brand new one, restoring both their confidence and their oral health.

Anterior Bondings


Anterior Bondings


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