Abscess Treatment in Franklin, MA

When a pocket of pus forms around the root of your infected tooth, symptoms such as toothaches, bad breath, and even fevers can leave you feeling anxious and in pain. There’s no need to wait in discomfort. An abscess treatment will drain the pus and prepare your tooth for a root canal or extraction. It’s one of the first steps to getting your tooth back to a thriving, healthy state.

abscess treatment in Franklin
abscess treatment in Franklin

Why should I choose Abscess Treatment?

Dental abscesses cause extreme pain and discomfort, and can cause other oral health problems. In rare cases, they can even be life-threatening, causing conditions like sepsis. This is a reaction to severe infection that can permanently damage your organs. To get relief from your pain and protect your health, you absolutely must get abscess treatment if it’s recommended by your dentist.

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Stress-Free Financing
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Your Care, Your Terms

Getting abscess treatment shouldn’t break the bank. Our flexible financing options help you pay for care in a way that works for your budget and lifestyle.

The Benefits of Abscess Treatment

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The Abscess Treatment Process

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Did you know?

Dental abscesses happen when an untreated tooth infection spreads beyond your tooth root, and they can be avoided with timely intervention such as root canal therapy.

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